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Upcoming Events

  • Mending Hearts Widows Group
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Apr 05
    Monthly support group for widows
    Apr 05, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Monthly support group for widows, 382 W 9th St, Suite 8, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008, USA
    Supporting and nurturing widows on their journey.

Welcome to Shore Awakenings.

My name is Jaclyn Hoffman and this is my practice, Shore Awakenings. My practice has been quietly and patiently evolving over the years, much like a planted seed, and has now blossomed into this beautiful concept of therapy with a holistic edge. Even further, I have implemented spiritual tools to support you on your wellness journey. What is more refreshing to me is doing what I love in both realms, therapy and spirituality, and offering wonderful tools to you for your own personal wellness and growth. 


My desire to work within the field of psychology took fruition as early back as high school. I was always curious about what makes people tick and behave in the way that they do. Fast forward a few degrees later and various experience within the mental health community working with children, adolescents, adults, and families of various level of need, Shore Awakenings comes to fruition. My specialties include working with those afflicted with grief, anxiety, and depression. Techniques are explored with you and not with a "one size fits all" mentality. We will work together to figure out the best course of action to restore that balance and calm you have been longing to get back in your life. 


My spiritual journey evolved more recently over the years and like many who begin this path, it sparked from a dark and unsettling place. It is my experience that trauma can shake and move us towards a persistent questioning of our life's purpose including why we are really here and why we have to endure the pains and heartaches handed to us.

My experience since starting this path has motivated me to seek out more than just what is front of me. As a natural helper, it only made sense to me that I share my experiences with like-minded people. Like you. I do not take the expression, "the world is yours for the taking" lightly, and with that, make a sincere effort to encourage those I align with to see their world through a lens of hope, love, and humility. After all, we are students on this earth side.

I offer an array of services between my therapeutic and spiritual approaches, as well as individual sessions and workshops.  It would be my pleasure to partake in your journey when you feel called to begin to take that first step. 


Shore Awakenings coexists with Blessed Roots Wellness  at 382 West 9th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008. The blend of both mental health and holistic practices amplifies that whole mind-body wellness concept and I'm grateful for you to become a part of it.

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