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The world is yours for the taking.

Ready to embark on this journey called

This side of Shore Awakenings allows me to take off my therapist hat, get out of my clinical seat, and walk with you on a beautiful journey of your soul's growth.  Let's figure out the possibilities and answers together. This planet is our school and we are the students. I am honored to provide you services including Reiki, SoulCollage, and QHHT.



Reiki is universal energy. A technique derived from Japan, meaning sacred or spiritual energy, it is facilitated by an attuned Reiki practitioner and is usually delivered from using  hands to help transfer energy to the client. Reiki is a familiar technique to hospital settings and can be supportive in both pain, stress, anxiety, and depression management. I often personalize my style with the use of tuning forks, crystals, and essential oils to enhance the experience. Adding these additional techniques to your session is your choice. 

A session is typically 60-90 minutes. 


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was developed by Dolores Cannon, renowned author and pioneer in merging hypnosis, past life regression, and the access to the subconscious. In QHHT, I support you on your journey to access parts of yourself to help you answer anything that your soul is yearning to understand in this current lifetime. Questions like "What is my life's purpose? What is my karmic debt?  Am I on the right career path?" and so many more inquisitive questions can be answered in our time together. 

QHHT sessions are typically 3-4 hours. 

**QHHT sessions are conducted

on a weekend day**



SoulCollage is an intuitive practice where

you select images that speak to

you and create cards upon beautiful cards,

eventually making a SoulCollage deck

that can be used for oracle readings or

in-depth readings that can give you

answers to life's questions. Each card made

possesses a personal meaning to you because

they're made by you. This is a creative and

fun process with no artistic ability needed!

This practice can be conducted individually

or with a  group.  

Individual sessions are typically 60-90 minutes.

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